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Supreme Quadruple Grand Ch Stageone Bobyonder

The Pixie-Bob is a naturally occurring American cat who has a strong resemblance to the American Bobcat. It was believed for some time that they resulted from matings of the wild Bobcat with farm cats but DNA testing has failed to detect any link. However, the similarity is so very strong that for enthusiasts of the Pixie-Bob the jury remains out.

The Pixie-Bob has only been in existence since 1985 with its present name, though cats of his appearance have long been a familiar sight in the barns of North America. His principal distinguishing characteristics are his great substance, a spotted stand-off coat in shades of brown with silver ticking which gives the coat a frosted appearance, and short tail. Coat can be short to medium long. He is the only breed permitted to have extra toes (polydactyl), which normally occur on the front feet.

Carole Ann Brewer was responsible for gathering together cats which displayed similar characteristics and together with others worked on developing the Pixie-Bob.  Michael Harper, whose cats are featured on this page, is responsible for their introduction to the UK.

He is a big cat; males weigh up to 22lbs, and is quietly sociable, living happily as indoor cats and good with all members of the family, both two and four legged. Owners remark on their dog-like attitude, including an affection and loyalty to their family, tail-wagging and playing “fetch” games. The eyes appear hooded and half asleep when in repose but fly open and alert when he finds something of interest

Breed Club

There is no Breed Club as yet, though this International site is an excellent resource on the Pixie-Bob.

Breeders of Pixie-Bobs

Totallycoastal Cats, Proud TICA Registered Breeder and Exhibitor of Pixiebobs

We breed for health, personality and looks. Our lines have been carefully researched and selected for optimum quality, by combining rare traditional old lines with newer.

All cats and kittens come with contracts, health guarantees, vet checked (Inc. vaccination and parasite prevention), info and gift pack, photo CD, keepsake pedigree certificate, free insurance and aftercare support.

Please visit our website now for current availabilty and more information, email or call us (07092 981066).


Contact the Breed Clubs who will have lists of Breeders and may have Kitten Lists. 



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