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Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a natural breed, coming from the northern part of Russia and was first seen in the UK in the 1860s when it was known as the Archangel Cat – after the Archangel Isles where it was believed to have originated – or the Foreign Blue.

Russian Blues were first shown in 1875 in classes for blue cats, but was recognised as a breed with its own classes in 1912. The combination of coat type and Foreign shape makes him highly distinctive. The coat has a very thick undercoat, which gives a plush density to its appearance and the cat a lustrous sheen. The very fine coat is extremely soft and quite unlike that of any other breed.

The eyes are set wide apart, almond in shape and vivid green. Long and graceful, with medium bone, the Russian Blue is extremely elegant and the Breed Standard calls good temperament. He is a gentle cat, sensitive and affectionate but not demanding or vocal. He makes a calm addition to the household with a dignified bearing. The Russian can also be found in Black or White. Numbers of russian Blue cats have remained fairly stable over the past 10 years, perhaps decreasing somewhat with 270 kittens being registered with the GCCF in 2003.

Although Russian Blues have no particular health problems, it makes good sense to insure your cats.  Many breeders sell their kittens with six weeks free insurance cover.  More and more owners are now insuring their pets as advances in veterinary medicine, plus the soaring costs of drugs can mean astronomical bills.

Russian Blue Breed Clubs and Rescue

Russian Blue Breeders

Contact the Breed Clubs who will have lists of Breeders and may have Kitten Lists.  Whiskas kitten food has been developed to ensure your kitten gets the right level of nourishment he needs to grow up happy and healthy.  Click here for your free Kitten Care pack. 




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