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Breeds of Pedigree Cats

There are over a hundred breeds of pedigree cats, though many are fairly recent creations; the short reproductive cycle of cats and the ease of placing kittens makes the development of a new breed a very much easier and quicker business than is the case with dogs.

Broadly, they can be divided into five categories; Persians or Longhairs, other Longhairs, Semi-Longhairs, British Shorthairs and Foreign and Oriental Shorthairs.

Shaded SilverCameo PersianPersian Chinchilla Golden PersianPersian
The Longhairs

The Persian Longhair is a cobby cat with a round face, short nose and large round eyes; short thick legs, shortish tail and a dense coat of woolly texture with a tendency to mat easily. In the UK under GCCF rules the colours are all judged as separate breeds. The Shorthair version of the Persian is known as the Exotic; this breed has many of the personality and physical characteristics of the Persian but without the heavy coat. The Exotic was developed by breeding American Shorthairs to Persians.


Siberian CatNorwegian Forest CatMaine Coon
Non-Persian Longhairs

There are a number of other types of Longhair, and the coats have a silkier texture than the Persian. Head and body shape are different, too. They are longer-bodied with a wedge-shaped head, longer in the leg and tail and all different to each other with varying personalities.  The Maine Coon, Siberian and Norwegian are all naturally occurring Forest cats.  What the Forest Cats have in common is very heavily coated tails for protection from the weather.

British BlueBritish Shorthair
British Shorthairs

The British Shorthair is a compact, cobby cat with plenty of bone and a dense stand-off coat.  They are bred in every colour  and colour combination.


There is quite a range of semi-longhairs, who have the glamour of a longhair without the same demands on coat care - though they all require weekly attention and showcats are groomed daily.

AbyssinianBengalBombayDevon Rex
Oriental Shorthair & Foreign

This category covers a wide range of cats and encompasses all the shorthairs with Oriental and Foreign body shapes.  It includes the Devon and Cornish Rexes, for example, as they are of Foreign type though entirely British.

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